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This poetic fable illustrates the moral of how when fear is allowed to dominate people, conflict will always occur. In this delightful story, the small village ruled by the CaBoodle family is on the verge of catastrophe. Surrounded by a large wall, for many years the village has tried to maintain a sort of pseudo-peace as the ruling family forbids any other citizen to speak about the state and laws of the village.The wall is beginning to fall as the controls tighten, but the Mayor and the family don't realize the dangers. There is a wonderful imagery depicting various characters in this story that any reader will love. But the focus of this tale explains how the controlling force of the CaBoodle Mayor must be challenged if the town is to avoid destruction. Read and discover how the fearful plot is exposed by a wise young man who saves the village from the real enemy of fear.

The Village CaBOOdle | Digital Book

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