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Lots of people are talking about “the call”. Yet very few of them actually know what the concept means Biblically. The word calling doesn’t initially mean vocation as many people think. Originally, according to Scriptures, the word “calling” refers to an invitation or summons to an intimate walk with God. Then as we walk with Him, we can work with Him. What’s worse, is that even fewer believers realize that there are tremendous privileges associated with being called. King David said, “Who am I that God would want to work with me

” Being called is a privilege and David was in awe of that. The purpose and message of the book “The Privilege and The Price of the Call” not only explains the 7 privileges generally, but moreover reveals that there are 12 prices associated with being called. These prices are, however, rarely discussed. This book is relevant to anyone desperate to understand what it means to be called and what he or she may go through as the calling develops. Seasoned ministers, developing ministers and especially young people, searching for understanding about the call will benefit greatly from this book. The message of The Privilege and The Price of the Call: An invitation to walk intimately with God” will help people realize these privileges and enlighten them to the prices they may experience so they can prevent unnecessary disaster or pain. Isn’t it time that we examine what it means to be called and what those called will experience

The Privilege and the Price of the Call

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