This touching collection of Tamara Winslow original eleven songs was recorded in 1988, with several of the songs in honor of the Jews returning to Israel from the countries of the world as foretold in Isaiah 11:12 that an ensign would be lifted up before the nations when God assembles Jewish people from all over the globe to return to their promised homeland. Produced, recorded and arranged at White Horse Studios, Portland Oregon.

Song list:
1. Israel 4:38 by Tamara Winslow
2. The Nehemiah Song 4:26 by Tamara Winslow
3. Everyone Needs to Be Loved 3:01 by Tamara Winslow
4. Intercessor 2:36 by Tamara Winslow
5. Love Arose For Me 4:27 by Tamara Winslow
6. Heart of a Man 3:24 by Tamara Winslow
7. Redeeming the Time 2:13 by Tamara Winslow
8. It Is The Blood 3:28 by Tamara Winslow
9. He Is Jehovah Nissi (The Ensign) 2:39 by Tamara Winslow
10. Breath of Those 3:27 by Tamara Winslow
11. Second Look 3:23 by Tamara Winslow

The Ensign | MP3


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