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THE DRAMA OF TRAUMA: VOLUME ONE, is unique when measured against other slants on trauma. Instead of talking about the miseries that victims endure, Dr. Winslow offers hope and genuine help, to hurting souls revealing that there is triumph over trauma. Rather than getting stuck in dead-end ruts put forward by theories and empty therapies, THE DRAMA OF TRAUMA is pre-emptive. It cites John 14:27 as it’s presuppositional truth. Jesus commanded His followers, "Let not your heart be troubled.” Or it could be said, "Don't permit your heart to be traumatized." You don't have to be a lifelong victim. You can be healed and pre-emptive before trauma ever occurs. Forgotten truths, however, need to be revived and re-learned. What’s more, this holistic collection of ideas uncovers an insidious, ancient, and incessant, onslaught of trauma shaking all levels of human life globally, shared and individually. Dr. Winslow, therefore, exposes an ancient, demonic strategy, staged like a theatrical drama in its acts, script, finale, and a cast that targets an expanding audience, while addressing trauma sufferers, therapists, families, doctors, ministers, soldiers, and abuse victims. At the same time she respects the breadth of Christian theology, denominations and spiritual views. But most of all, Dr. Winslow takes this puzzling topic and connects it’s pieces into a practical layout that brings hope to the heartbroken. In her many years of experience, talking with, ministering to and praying with trauma sufferers she’s seen many trauma victims healed, often instantaneously. For that reason, this message is timely: for such a time as this.


The book weighs 2.7 lbs and  is 532 pages and 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long. 


  • International ordering is available but is set up only after the customer contacts the website noting how many books the customer desires to purchase and gives the address and post code where the shipment will be delivered to. Shipping costs can vary greatly, and be very expensive outside the USA. Hence, there is no flat rate for shipping as the cost varies per country.  Thank you for your patience.

    Orders are now being taken for most countries after the customer has emailed the website with the address, post code and states how many books they want to order. We will then research to find the best courier to send the package to, as well as the estimated cost for the shipping. 

  • In most cases we will use USPS Media rate for shipping the books. 

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