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The Book of Puzzles is a poetic tale about how God gave His Word to humanity. The story begins in Heaven when The Foe (Satan) wars against The Pure (God) as he tries to destroy creation. The theme of the poem surrounds God's Book in Heaven when God decides that He will put His book into clues so the Foe can't discover what's going to happen. From the event of the Fall of humankind to Pentecost, the story moves up and down as the Pure's clues are each dispersed to various human beings like Moses, David. Isaiah and more, until finally, a written form of the Book develops on earth. Things get intense as The Foe tries to discover what the clues mean, until finally the Promised Seed appears and is then killed by The Foe. But the reader will realize that this battle is still raging. Throughout the book the ancient languages and their interpretations, as well as important understanding of the truths of Scripture will cause the reader, Christian and unbeliever alike to become hungry to understand the Bible. Any age of believer will enjoy this special book.

The Book of Puzzles | Digital Book

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