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The Praise and Worship Compendium Volume One introduces and examines the biblical concept of praise and worship. The subject of praise and worship is defined according to the ancient biblical languages. A thorough study of how praise and worship should be practiced along with why it is so fundamental to the believer’s life, is investigated. This is a treasure trove of study materials for anyone who wants to understand this subject. 335 pages in an 8 inch x 11.5 inch format.
Chapter Titles 
I. The Way of Cain 2. A Foundation for Praise- Out of the Mouth of Babes and Sucklings
3. In Spirit and In Truth; Section One- Defining Worshipping in Spirit; Section Two- Spiritual Protocols for Worshipping in the Spirit ; Grieving the Spirit ; Section Three- Spiritual Protocols: Do Not Quench The Spirit; A Brief Overview of the Seven Fires of God; Section Four- Spiritual Protocols; Quenching the Fires of His Presence; Section Five- Spiritual Protocols; Quenching the Fires of the Acceptable Sacrifice; Section Six- Spiritual Protocols; Quenching the Spiritual; Fires of God’s Refinement and Holiness; Section Seven- Spiritual Protocols; Quenching the Spiritual Fires of God’s Ministry Anointing; Section Eight- Spiritual Protocols; Resisting, Section Nine- Worshipping in Truth ; 4. According to the Heavenly Pattern; 5. Created for Praise 6. What is Praise
7. Directions of Praise; Section One- Seeds of Praise; Section Two- The Praises of God to an Individual Section Three- The Praises of God through People; Section Four- Praise from Person to Person; Section Five- Problems with Praise Seeds; Section Six- Ungodly or Unhealthy Praise Seeds; Section Seven- Self-honor, Boasting and Self-praise; Section Eight- Praise in a Sense of Self-satisfaction 8. How We See Determines How We Praise-The Importance of Value 9. Two Types of Reports- Negative or Positive 10. Murmuring, Complaining and Chiding 11. Salvation Belongs to the Jews & How it affects Worship 12. What is Worship
Section One- What is Worship
; Section Two- How and Why Did the People of Biblical Times Worship God According to the Understanding of the Hebrew Words for Worship
; Section Three- How and Why Did the People of Biblical Times Worship God According to the Understanding of the Greek Words for Worship
13. Praise and Worship is Choice; 14. Praise and Worship Because of a Command; 15. Intimately Knowing and Walking with God through Worship; 16. Generational Strongholds Affecting Praise and Worship 17. The Most Influential Factors Responsible For Affecting The Concepts of Praise and Worship in the Generations of the Past Century. 18. Basic Characteristics of the Strongholds Affecting Each Sociologically Identified Generational Group 19. Developing A Biblical Strategy To Release Biblical Praise and Worship To Dismantle the Spiritual Strongholds Affecting Each Generational Group Sociologically Identified Generational Group

Praise and Worship: A Study Compendium (Volume 1) Digital Book

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