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I'VE BEEN A PILGRIM is one of the most unique projects Dr. Winslow has been blessed to work on for many years. For the first time in over 25 years she played 6 string and 12 string guitar as the foundation of the song arrangements. There are 15 songs in this collection, some of which were composed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The styles of these pieces are strong folk, country and folk rock styles, along with some of her usual original gospel compositions. This recording has been a revival of the past ministry and wonderful things. What's more Dr. Winslow was blessed to be able to sing with one of her high school classmates, Julie (Peters) Weber on several of the songs including, Fill the House, Jesus is the Light of My Morning, The Children Need Shoes, I've Been a Pilgrim and There Is Only One Reason for Christmas.

Song list
1. Fill The House 5:24 by Tamara Winslow
2. There is Only One Reason For Christmas 5:08 by Tamara Winslow
3. I’ve Been A Pilgrim 4:22 by Tamara Winslow
4. I’ve Provided All You Need 3:51 by Tamara Winslow
5. Jesus Is The Light 3:17 by Tamara Winslow
6. Land of Emotions 5:25 by Tamara Winslow
7. We Are Victors in Christ Jesus 3:05 by Tamara Winslow
8. Jehovah Shammah 4:04 by Tamara Winslow
9. When Will My People Stand
3:43 by Tamara Winslow
10. Their Everything 4:19 by Tamara Winslow
11. In Your Manger Bed 3:15 by Tamara Winslow
12. The Children Need Shoes 4:06 by Tamara Winslow
13. By His Blood 5:11 by Tamara Winslow
14. When Daddy Hears His Babies Cry 4:38 by Tamara Winslow
15. Bear The Word--- Women’s Chorus 4:45 by Tamara Winslow

I've Been A Pilgrim | MP3

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