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Recorded during the Institutes for Biblical Truth session in the summer of 2004, this CD is a compilation of praise and worship songs sung by the students and lead by Dr. Winslow. Some of the songs are sung in Mandarin, Korean, German and Finnish by the students who sang those languages with Dr. Winslow. Ji Young Oh, also sings spontaneous Korean translation as Dr. Winslow sang forth the prophetic songs during the worship time. 
Song list-
1. Father, Father
2. Dancing King
3. Open My Eyes
4. Salvation Belongs to Me
5. No Weapon Formed
6. I’m Above and Not Beneath
7. We Are Victors in Christ Jesus
8. On The Cross
9. My Old Life Is Dead
10. Spontaneous Prophetic Song- Translated into Korean
11. I Choose to Love the Truth
12. You Are Faithful
13. Every Day I’ll Walk With You
14. You Are My Friend
15. I Will Walk With You
16. Just To See You Smile
17. I Am Crucified with Christ
18. Hem Of Your Garment
19. Spontaneous Prophetic Song- Translated into Korean
20. You Took My Sin
21. I Believe In The Anointing In You
22. I Have A Hope For the Future
23. Abba Father

Hope For the Future | MP3

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