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Recorded at Nightvision Studios in Los Angeles, California, this CD reflects some of the messages that mean most to Dr. Winslow. Many of the songs are selections from Dr. Winslow’s Broadway style musical revue, entitled, DAUGHTERS OF EVE. These songs tell the story of key women from the Scriptures as they might have wanted it to be said. There are also numerous spontaneous prophetic songs that each carry a unique presence of God. All songs were composed by Dr. Tamara Winslow. 
1. Eve’s Song
2. Spontaneous Song- Light Be
3. Eagle Song
4. Spontaneous Song- Take Me Into The Throne Room
5. Rahab’s Song
6. Spontaneous Song- Now You Understand
7. He Gave Me Love
8. Spontaneous Song- Turn to the Stronghold
9. Awake Awake Oh Deborah
10. Spontaneous Song Come Away
11. Our God is a God of War
12. Love Will Keep Me There
13. Spontaneous Song- You’re On A Journey

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