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Choosing To Love The Truth

Dr. Winslow grew up on a grain farm outside of Hartley, Iowa, a small farming community centered around the town churches and schools. The eldest of three children, she grew up in an atmosphere that encouraged good scholastics, godly morals, regular church attendance and healthy social activity. Strong family values, stable parents, understanding the significance of healthy work and study ethics and the traditional small-town Methodist Church environment contributed greatly to her foundational values of ministry.

Dr. Winslow received Christ at the age of five in an unusual way, through a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. It was in this revelation she received a ministry calling to the nations. Small for her age, and timid, the mixture of her hunger for God and the loneliness of farm lifestyle fostered the ideal environment for her to develop a voracious hunger for reading the Bible, biblical historical books and composing original songs. She is an avid student of the Scriptures. A set of Bible encyclopedias given to her family by a great aunt helped to found her in the culture, languages and doctrines of the Bible. Both of her parents were musically gifted. By the age of seven, through the encouragement of the music directors in the Methodist Church, she began singing in area churches, local functions and contests.


Dr. Winslow trained for fourteen years in classical and contemporary vocal music, becoming accomplished in classical, folk, pop, and contemporary styles of Christian music. She is an accomplished pianist and musical composer, having written over 7000 songs. She has recorded numerous original recordings released internationally.

Dr. Winslow pioneered, organized, and wrote the curriculum for The Institutes for Biblical Truth; she continues to serve as director and also teaches.
Academically, Dr. Winslow loved and excelled in the sciences, literature, music, and the arts. To this day she still researches issues related to medicine, law, the arts and literature, and encourages her students to reach for the highest in these fields if God so leads them to seek further education in these areas.
After graduating in 1976 as a member of the National Honor Society, Dr. Winslow attended a small Iowa church-operated college specializing in Fine Arts degrees. After one very difficult year Dr. Winslow left college. She had been confronted with the realities of a college campus atmosphere where drugs, alcoholism, and student and faculty immoral activities were accepted on what was supposed to be a Christian campus.

She learned quickly that what she desired in education, and even in musical training in a Christian setting, was not available to her in that place, at that time. Consequently, Dr. Winslow began a full-time traveling ministry in Christian coffeehouses, youth retreats, and Christian schools, teaching and giving concerts throughout the United States in 1978. The heartache she experienced in that disappointing college year helped conceive a vision which eventually resulted in her desire to see a stable, spiritual, academic and Biblically based environment like the Institutes for Biblical Truth offers.
Dr. Winslow has functioned as a prophetic psalmist since 1977, ministering the spontaneous word of the Lord in song, when she leads worship before or after she teaches.

While on tour in 1979, she met her husband Michael. They were married in 1980.
Dr. Winslow received her Bachelors and Masters of Arts, a Doctorate of Theology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy, and is finalizing the process of her third Doctorate in Divinity from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.
Dr. Winslow is in constant demand internationally as a speaker in many denominations, mission organizations and Bible colleges. The international arm of the ministry began in 1987. She has ministered in over 35 nations and has been granted favor and influence through TV ministry, videos, teaching tapes and books in an ever-increasing number of countries. Her international ministry is geared toward teaching and training individuals and leaders in Biblical truths capable of transforming society.
Traveling has enabled Dr. Winslow to realistically identify the actual needs and condition of Christians in many cultures. Her detailed Biblical, cultural, historical and linguistic studies have resulted in her authorship of numerous books, study materials, teaching CDs and ministry resources.

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