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Read what Biblical Institute Alumni say:
"The Institute for Biblical Truth established in me very foundational principles in my walk with God. It taught me how to use the weapons that God has given me and put them into very active use, and specifically it taught me how to activate my will.  It taught me how to no longer just know what I am to do, but to actually step forth and do it. I will never see my walk with God the same."
Cassie Applegate, USA
"I think it would be no under-statement to say that the Institute was a launching pad for me into a far more expansive, richer and more secure relationship with God. Perhaps, my whole outlook on life was expanded and enriched. If you are serious about knowing God more intimately and seeking His Will for your life, then the Institute For Biblical Truth will help you immensely, so Go."
Tim Snelson, England

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Dr. Winslow's Teaching Newsletters are available for free download; her latest teaching series is August 2013 The Drama of Trauma: Exposing the End-Time Enemy of Revival: MOAB (Part 5). Don't miss the rest of the series; all of Dr. Winslow's Teaching Newsletters are available to download as PDFs, without charge.

Dr. Winslow also writes a blog called Truth That Works and updates it frequently; please follow it.

Current specials from Tamara Winslow:
Lady Buggity Boo cover
Lady Bugity Boo
is a new book for children age 6 and up by Dr. Tamara Winslow. It tells the story of a petite lady bug named Boo who is bullied by several thugs at her woodpile school. Mona Arch narrates the account of how Boo overcame the painful bullying and arose to find out that life was worth living because she had a talent her world needed.

This timely message is written in a style like the beloved Dr. Seuss children's poems and beautifully illustrated by Tamara. Available for $12.95 and you may order online or pay by check.

Now available for Kindle and Nook.
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Revival Study Bible cover

The Revival Study Bible
is being offered for $55.00, shipping not included.

I've Been A Pilgrim CD cover I've Been A Pilgrim is Tamara's brand new music CD, offered for the special prerelease price of $15.

I'VE BEEN A PILGRIM is one of the most unique projects Dr. Winslow has been blessed to work on for many years. For the first time in over 25 years she played 6 string and 12 string guitar as the foundation of the song arrangements. There are 15 songs in this collection, some of which were composed in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The styles of these pieces are strong folk, country and folk rock styles, along with some of her usual original gospel compositions. This recording has been a revival of the past ministry and wonderful things. What's more Dr. Winslow was blessed to be able to sing with one of her high school classmates, Julie (Peters) Weber on several of the songs including, Jesus is the Light of My Morning, The Children Need Shoes, I've Been a Pilgrim and There Is Only One Reason for Christmas.

Thank you for visiting us. Tamara Winslow combines the Prophetic and Apostolic giftings (Eph. 4:7-11) of a modern day Deborah ministry, designed to revive a new generation of Christian leaders. We hope you will find it a place to be challenged to seek God in a way that you have never known Him. On this site, you can find information on Tamara, her renowned "Institutes For Biblical Truth", the various courses available, her teaching and worship CDs and book resources, and her itinerary.

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